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Apple Wallet shows UK bank balances | Mercedes Pay turns cars into payment tools | Meta eyes AI, smart glasses for metaverse boost

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This week’s must-know stories:

Apple Wallet’s UK Integration: Apple Wallet app can now show current account balances from UK banks

Apple is introducing a new feature in its iPhone Wallet app, leveraging the UK’s Open Banking API. This will allow users to view their current bank account balances, along with a history of deposits and payments, directly within the app. The feature aims to enhance financial awareness, especially when making purchases using Apple Pay. Initially, this integration will be available to a select group of Wallet app users in the UK, with banks like Barclays, HSBC, Lloyds, RBS, Monzo, and Starling supporting the rollout. Apple emphasizes its commitment to user privacy, ensuring that all data accessed from the API remains on the user’s device and is not stored on Apple’s servers.

Mercedes Pay: Mercedes Pay turns vehicles into payment devices

German car manufacturer Mercedes is innovating in the FinTech space by integrating a contactless payment feature into its vehicles. This will enable drivers to seamlessly find, book, and automatically pay for parking spaces upon arrival.

Meta’s Push for the Metaverse: Meta looks to digital assistants, smart glasses and AI

Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Meta, is focusing on digital assistants, smart glasses, and AI to drive the company’s vision for the metaverse. At a recent conference, Zuckerberg unveiled new AI tools and the Quest 3 virtual reality headset. He also introduced AI-powered editing tools for Instagram and a new AI digital assistant that can generate sophisticated responses. This assistant can even access Microsoft’s Bing search engine for real-time information. Meta’s overarching goal is to immerse users in its envisioned metaverse, with AI playing a pivotal role in shaping this digital universe.

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